Re: New AB user + Question

From: Jonas Klereborn <>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 14:00:49 +0200


Magnus Kollberg wrote:
> > > It sounds like DMA-problems, what kind of clock-patch do you have?
> >
> > I have made the one suggested by Magnus Kollberg at
> > ""
> Yeah, blame me. ;-)

Of course not :)

> It works just fine for me and Johan. We don't have any additional
> accelerators though, if that is the case.

The patch has been working just fine for me for months, before i fitted
the AB => I don't think that the patch is the problem. My best bet at
the moment is that some RF interference is picked up someware. The
wavelength of the "ripples/waves" change in different resolutions
(different update frequences) suggesting there is an interference
between the update frequency and some other frequency. In the fitting
instructions from Titan/BSS they recomend grounding the CPU-fan and
shield the ribbon cable to the AB. (I haven't done that yet)

I have asked David Encill of Titan what he thinks and I'm waiting for

Anyway the problem is only cosmetic and the computer runs stable and
without any dataloss or other strange artefacts.

Thanx everybody for beeing so helpfull :-D
(Frank - I just downloded the WDIALOG v 2.03)

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