Re: WG: WG: New AB user + Question

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 23:39:09 -0700 (PDT)

>Wdialog 2.03 is important on any N.AES computer ;-)
>I had a lot of troubles with Wdialog versions < 2.03. Papillon didn't
>work correctly. SMU also etc. etc.
>Now everything seems to be allright (except the fact that there are
>still problems with Thing and Wdialog).

It's kind of funny. My Afterburner is about as stable as can be. I
have spent the last couple of weeks setting up MiNT 1.15, HDDriver
7.55, NVDI V5 (now with patches) and N_AES 1.1.6 on my Mighty Sonic
Falcon and continue to have bugs. Nothing really damaging, but
fustrating. Sometimes Kobold will report "file not in arena" and the
machine has to be rebooted. The STiNG dialer is really fussy. It may
take several times before it will actually dial. This may be related
to the switchbox I am using between the Falcon and Mac modem setup.
I'm using Thing 1.09. I would like to register a later English version
as well as install Boxkite. I haven't yet played with VFAT on the new
MiNT. As fast as ASH keep upgrading their products (especially Uwe:)
and the slightly more complex setups required, I almost feel I am
falling behind:).

If someone could spare their N_AES.CFG file for me to look over, I
would apreciate it.

Thanks again,
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