AW: New AB user + Question

From: Szymanski, Frank-Peter <>
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 08:19:45 +0200

> >>setup. I think it's a general bug in STinG although Peter says that
> it
> >>is ATARI's fault.
> >I don't think it's a problem with STing. My setup uses PPP connect
> >from ASH and I have the same dail problems.

>I can only dial with both my cashes off.

        Very seldom this also happens with CoNnect but only at the first
attempt. If I quit CoNnect, start it again, everything will work fine.

>Frank, thanks for the tip about Thing 1.09. V1.27 is pretty
cool. Now

        So your machine has become more stable with V. 1.27?

>how do I get the "shareware" flags off my desktop?:).

        I recommend to send 13UKP to Joe Connor or to send DM 30,-
directly to Thomas Binder. ;-)


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