Re: AW: New AB user + Question

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 00:14:06 -0700 (PDT)

> >Frank, thanks for the tip about Thing 1.09. V1.27 is pretty
>cool. Now
> So your machine has become more stable with V. 1.27?

Well, I have more features to play with:). I really like the
interactive windows.

I have some funny things now happining. With several apps running,
selecting one from the running list will sometimes cause Thing to
ask if I want to start a second copy of the application (CAB in
peticular). I haven't installed Taskbar on this setup yet to see if
this cures the problem.

I still can't save a truecolor desktop.

I need to spend some more time removing and adding
autoapps, acc's, ect to see if I have some conflicts.

I am still having disk errors sometimes after deleting files. It will
kill the system and a reboot is necessary. Everything is ok with the
disk, and the files are gone after a reboot, but it looks like the
error is when the directory is re-read after the delete is completed.
Sometimes it is a MiNT error and sometimes I get a Thing error. I'm
going back to HD Driver V7.12, MiNT 1.14 just to see if I have a
problem there.

Also, how can I install TW2-22B1 (Tos2Win) so Thing uses it as a
console window? *.TOS and *.TTP will cause it to launch because of the
N_AES configuration, but Thing can't launch it.

> >how do I get the "shareware" flags off my desktop?:).
> I recommend to send 13UKP to Joe Connor or to send DM 30,-
>directly to Thomas Binder. ;-)

:). I checked with the local postoffice. They now will supply
UKP,DM,ect. My bank won't even do that. As long as one plans ahead,
(six weeks) this will workout good for U.S. Atarians.

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