New AB user + Question

From: Szymanski, Frank-Peter <>
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 09:37:00 +0200

>> What do you mean with running list?
>The active applications below the ACC slot.

        So you are using N.AES! ;-)

> >>I still can't save a truecolor desktop.
>This isn't new. The "feature" also was present with the
>verion of N_AES and V1.09 of Thing. Again, I think I need to

        What does Thomas Binder say about it?
        And I guess you meant ATARI true colour (32K colours)?

>Yes, this isn't one of those errors. It's software errors.
>I'll take more careful note of the errors and document them.


>> I am using MinT 1.15, N.AES 1.1.7 and HD Driver 6.x
and I don't
>> have any problems (with Doug's latest toolkit 5.x)
>Same except I have V1.1.6 of N_AES and HDDriver 7.56.

        Unfortunately there are still bugs in N.AES :-( but I don't know
if they are causing these effects. BTW, you are using SCSI, aren't you?

> > out what means.
>:) California, United States (middle of the Mojave Desert:).

        Strange. I always thought that the US have no own domain like
uk, de, se etc. I thought "you" are using com, gov, edu etc.?


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