OpenGL is here at last - almost

From: Doug Little <>
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 10:14:12 +0100


For any Atarians out there who are interested in such things, I have ported most of the
Dos/Win32 version of the OpenGL 2D/3D graphics library to the Atari platform!

I have built and am currently testing the following libraries under GCC 2.7.2:

OPENGL (main opengl graphics library)
GLU (main opengl portable utility library)
AUX (mostly portable extensions)
TK (platform-specific toolkit for windows, display output etc.)

There are small pieces of GLU and TK missing, but most of the demos appear to link
and work. Not all the demos do exactly what I'd expect them to, but all 20 of them draw
something visible on the screen, and without crashing. Some of the demos work 100%.

There are two small problems however... :)

One of them is the fact that output is produced on a fullscreen display, so no windowed
access is supported. This means it's still useless on GFX cards and will only work very
well on the Falcon.

The second, and more serious problem is the final library - GLUT. It is used by a great
many OpenGL applications, and it's a bitch to port because it's full of platform-specific
and XWindows based stuff that I am not familiar with. If anyone wants to help me port
this last chunk, please get in touch.

Here are links to versions of GLUT which make a good starting point for a port:

Mesa library source (including multi-platform Mesa version of Glut):

Official Glut 3.7 for SGI, Win95 & NT:

Any help is appreciated. It would be great to have all of OpenGL on the Atari, especially
if it can be upgraded and enhanced via GEM to run on any Atari!

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