Re: `System stack overflow' crash?

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 08:44:24 +0200


> Upon loading Texel version 1.6 release 5 all too often I get a `system
> stack overflow' message written across the screen and the system completly
> crashes! This also happens with the Texel 2.1 demo. It happens with no
> other far!

Most likely a bug in Texel. ;-)

Well ,I have no idea, but have you tried different settings for the
"Super stack"? It's the only option I can come of in the TK which might
have something to do with this.

I did also have this problem with a program I made and it was indeed a
bug in my program. There could also be one thing for Thomas to try and that is
to increas the stack size in his program. It might help. In Lattice C it's
done very easy.

//Magnus Kollberg
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