NOVA drivers and programming

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 10:47:08 +0200


where could I get the latest _030_ drivers for NOVA, please? A friend of
mine got just v2.55 and he claims 256-colors mode does not work (it
crashes within seconds).

Besides, does anybody of you understand NOVA programming? I don't mean
Mach64 direct programming now, but programming the driver or VDI using
XCB and ICB structures...

I have written a code that switches resolution of NOVA on-the-fly, but I
don't know if I should use XCB or ICB for that. Right now I am using XCB
but experiencing some problems when I change res from monochrome to
different monochrome and then back. From color to mono and back it works
fine. I don't know where is the problem.


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