Re: AB and 060

From: Petr Stehlik <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 21:50:27 +0200

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999 10:22:59 +0100 (MEZ), Frank Naumann wrote:

FN>> FN>Why version 7? Any reason to push the version number?
FN>> Just for fun. The TOS version will stay at 4.04 for compatibility, of
FN>> course.
FN>Your fun make a lot of trouble. FreeMiNT checks the version for videl bug
FN>for example. And XBios workarounds etc.

OK, so all Afterburner040 users listen: the TOS I am working on will
have the version set to 4.04 and will be 100% compatible with 4.04,
because it actually will be the 4.04, just without 030-only

FN>> FN>> With a little help of Douglas Little I might try to get the TOS 8 to
FN>> FN>> detect and make available the Afterburnerīs FastRAM...
FN>> FN>
FN>Please donīt use the transparent translation register
FN>There is no way to establish virtual address spaces in FreeMiNT if the
FN>memory is remapped through the transparent translation registers.

I donīt get it. Right now MiNT simply uses the memory that TOSī
GEMDOS gives him. AFAIK current MiNT doesnīt touch the 040 PMMU. If
(one day) MiNT starts using PMMU for virtualizing the address space
then MiNT itself will have to know where the physical memory is and
will have to reprogram the PMMU completely. Am I wrong?

Without the transparent translation registers you couldnīt get the
FastRAM at $1000000 if you plugged SIMM in a wrong slot (not talking
about bugs in Afterburnerīs memory manager design).

Perhaps I am wrong - Doug (as the TK40 author) or someone else would
correct me in that case, I believe.

But anyway, in the near future I wonīt try to incorporate TK40 into
TOS - it would be too hard I guess. I will be quite happy if the
resulting TOS allows people to boot 68060 in the first place. The
side effect for 68040 owners will be no double reboot and perhaps
better compatibility without any residents.

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