Re: Fwd: Re: 060 adapter pic

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 15:58:17 -0800

> I did a little more research and found that it is a clock
> problem:).
> I need a clock driver (motorola makes one specific for the
> purpose, MC88LV926) which will solve the half speed bus
> application. There might be one on one of my 040 Mac cards I have
> if I get in a hurry:).
> Looks like it will require maybe one fly wire on the A/B adapter
> socket, but I can live with that after installing a Nemesis;). I
> will keep everyone posted.
> Mike

I ran home at lunch today and removed my A/B and brought it to
work. It turns out that the A/B does have an MC88915 to
synchronize the bus and cpu clock (BCLK and PCLK). I traced these
lines to the 040 socket (R7&R9) on the A/B to be sure.

I also had the adapter documents faxed to me. The adapter does
indeed delay the BCLK timing 5~8ns for the CLKEN required by the
060 for bus synchronization. I scanned the two text pages (about
80K each in BMP format) and will post them if no one has
objection to the binaries.

So, back to why it didn't work. One, the 060 wasn't fully seated
in the socket. I thought that the adapter didn't allow the cpu to
be fully seated, but I was just being too cautious installing it.
Two, it could have been as I discussed before, the way the Falcon
boots up. I need to go back and re-read the field service manual
Anyway, three questions have been answered, and if it doesn't
boot when I get home, I'll look for the fourth:).

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