Re: A/B bus sizing

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 15:30:24 -0800

Thanks to Rodolphe, Doug and Jo Even. I looked over the data
sheet for the MC68150, and I guess that if the Mach chip is
programmed to perform the same function, I can cross that
question off my list;).

Should hear back tomorrow concerning the status of the 060 CPU.
In a way, I hope it was bad:). Would make things easier:o).

One of the engineers at Wizztronics did have an 060 booting on a
Sparrow a couple of years ago. Steve pulled the notes last week
and looked through them for me, but said I really need to talk to
the engineer to figure out what he did. They are willing to help
out, providing I drag a scope home to answer questions they

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