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From: Doug Little <>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 10:40:54 -0000

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Date: 08 February 1999 10:16
Subject: ToolKit 4.09 source code

> Hello everybody !!
> I would like to know if it is possible to get the source code
>of the AB ToolKit 4.09 & 5.07 (but I prefer 4.09).
> Indeed, it seems that there is not anymore updates and I think
>that this ToolKit still contains a lot of bugs and I want to fix them.
> So Doug Little, if you read this, please be nice and send me
>the source code !!!
> I have also a question for all of you : how many of you are
>using the ToolKit 5.xx and who are using also the TOS (and not Magic
>or any other Desktop/O.S.) I think the answer will be interesting !!!
>And so you will understand why I want to fix some bugs !!!
> And am I alone : when I make a floppy access without any
>floppy disk in the drive, the computer makes at best three bombs and
>at worse resets !!!
>And when I make a SCSI access in Nemesis Low Mode, the computer resets !!
>And I can't use my CD-ROM SCSI drive in any mode of the Nemesis if I
>don't disable handly the Data Cache. (In theory, it is the job of the
>ToolKit, isn't it ???)

I'll give you the source if you want, but be aware that Petr is already
working on it, and two different versions would be a bit of a problem.

It might be worth coordinating with Petr, and that would mean getting
the (modified) source from him instead.

Doug Little - Software Engineer / 3D Graphics Research

Inner Workings PLC

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