ToolKit 4.09

From: <>
Date: 08 Feb 1999 12:19:40 Z

Hi Seb,

I use v.4.09 with both MagiC and Tos, although I believe I still use v.3.xx with
Cubase(Well, it works, so why change it?).
I did never get the AB stable with Nemesis, so I reinstalled my old Speed Res
Card instead. So now my AB actually is very stable at 36 and often 40MHz with
copyback-cache enabled and running MagiC. The problems I have are due to
some weak soldering, which works very well 95% of the time so I haven't cared
fixing them.

I have no problems with floppy, scsi or scsi cd-rom. But that's because I still use
my own METADOS fix for AB's as the toolkit didn't work as expected. If you want it, I
can e-mail it to you (Please reply to!). It's very small...

Best regards
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