Re: AB040 Toolkit 4.09

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 11:28:51 +0900

Well I'd better speak up then.

I just haven't got around to trying Mint or Linux yet - and am avoiding
Magic because I was a strong NeoDesk convert and bought (though haven't
installed - yet ;-) Geneva.

I use 5.07 all the time with TOS 4.04 - mostly in 4 colour mode.
I change into TC or 256 colour mode when playing AVI or viewing JPEG...
but I try to avoid any scsi writes in this mode! (Tends to corrupt the
Jaz cart... at least when I was running Blow-Up 1 Hard - I have yet to
reinstall that).

I use Nemesis too (LO setting).
Copyback cache mostly off, though some applications are used with it on.

Mostly comms and installing software (When will I find the time to
gainfully use some of it!)

I'll have to have a look tonight - sounds like lack of a floppy in A: is
why PARCP was crashing when I navigated to the top level. In which case
I didn't fully understand the implications of Petr's email to me.

My top priority now is finding a mach64 card for my Nova adaptor... plan
to check out the second hand shops in Akihabara next... though overall
now I am in Japan it will probably be harder to find one. I can't read
any small ads here (yet).

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