ET4000 ISA card

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 14:03:12 -0800

I found in the trash an old Intel ISA video capture card of
some kind. It uses the same memory that is installed on the
Expose card. There is an XILINX XC3042 which I think is some
kind of encoder, but the part isn't a current one on the
XILINX page. The card P/N is PBA 505954-006 and has a bar
code number P01356581. If anyone experienced in searching
out this sort of thing could help, I would appreciate it.

I did find something interesting to ET4000 users however
while searching ISA cards. The one at the web site below
uses an ET4000 chip set, and also has video capture hardware
built into the card. Maybe someone experienced with the ET
4000 cards could take a look at it an see if it would have
any possible uses on our Ataris.

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