A/B's MC88915

From: M Grove <mgrove_at_iwvisp.com>
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 10:25:44 +0000

Back to the 060 thing:)

I watched the address lines with a logic probe and an 040 installed so I
would kn0w what to expect. The is no activity 0n the address lines at
all with the 060 installed.
A0 is hi (~2.1v) n0 activity
A1 is hi (~1.2v) n0 activity

A2-6 are low and no activity.

Inspect the A/B to be sure all 040 pins are brought 0ut.....
Inspect s0cket. Works properly.

Inspect A/B MC88915
This looks funny. I am not sure they have the 88915 c0nnected so there
is feedback 0f the sync clock 0utpt. This means the cl0cks are not in
PLL. This is necessary f0r the 060. They are als0 using cl0ck/2 meaning
they are using an 8mzh cl0ck on the A/B somewhere (0r s0metime). It
l00ks like the 88915 is 0nly being used as a clock divider in this case.
It is hard t0 tell with0ut removing the 88915 because 0f the multilayer
b0ard. Can any0ne comment before I remove the 88915 for rework?

S0rry f0r the "0"'s. Keybard is sht n this mac:).

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