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From: Joerg Hohwiller <>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 14:06:58 +0100 (MET)

On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Laurent FAVARD wrote:

> Joerg Hohwiller a écrit:
> >
> > mmmhhm! I can select 3 clocks per switch an I selected the normal 16Mhz
> > one... To remove the speederboard, I will have a lot of work, cause I had
> > to remove smd-resistors (which are now in the litter and I do not know
> > which ohm-value they had) and cut a inuctor.
> > The speed rate can be switched up to 18 or 20 Mhz for the Bus, the
> > CPU-clock can be singel or double Bus-Clock.
> > But as I already told, I have set CPU-Clock s-Clock Mhz
> I don't understand :-( But did you try to run your Falcon only with
> the bus speeder ? Without Ab040 (Cuase i expect that your VIDEL isn't
> destroyed !)
Yes, my falcon was running with bus-speeder and without AB for nearly a
year, so I think the install of the speeder made no problems.
I dont even think , that I destroyed my AB - what I think is that the
boards dont work together - so I maybe habe to remove the bus speeder :((
Anyway I thought someone out here has had a speed-resolution-card (or the
bus speeder-version of it) before he installed his AB and can give me a
> If there is someone here....please send us any ideas ??
> > Maybe I will buy a dec-alpha 533Mhz and install Linux *resign*
> > bye Joerg
> I don't think !!! Just a small PC AMD or a beautifull G3 is required :-)
No x86! I wont support this shitty CPU-architecture.
Maybe PowerPC would also be great, but I think that only Apple has the
PowerMac and as Be has stopped their cool BeBox and only support the OS
there is no other posibility and no compatition which means not the
cheapest prices.

So long
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