Re: 060 update

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 07:40:37 -0800

I still haven't had any luck getting the 060 up and running.
It looks like it is beginning to access the bus at powerup,
but there is no activity.

There are three 060 "special modes" of operation (see
Motorola 060 users manual, section 7.14). that are enabled
on reset with respect to the IPL# pins state on reset. On
the A/B 040, I find on reset;

IPL2 negated

Motorola recommends this signal to be asserted during reset
to enable extra data write hold mode enable for 040
compatible timing.

IPL1 asserted

Not sure, but would think MC68040 acknowledge termination
protocol should be used instead of Native-MC68060
acknowledge termination protocol. The A/B is pulling this
high on reset, but should be low for the 040 protocol.

IPL0 asserted

The A/B asserts this signal on reset setting acknowledge
termination ignore state capability enabled. This sounds ok
to me. The other option is to disable the mode.

Not sure how to assert and negate the two states above on
reset, then return the lines back to normal. Maybe I can
just do it manually with switches during reset. I think
there is something like 27 clock cycles to perform this.
Once set, the special modes are effective until the next


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