060: Full diagnostics working, more to follow

From: Michael Grove <mgrove_at_iwvisp.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 15:43:36 -0800

Maybe for the reason that the diagnostic cart only works at
I changed PCLK to 16Mhz for testing, running the 060 at 1:1.
All test are successfully completed, except for IDE (didn't
try SCSI at this time).
Looking back over the schematics, the MFP is handling the
interrupts for the IDE. I think there might be two reasons
for the failure. One, I disabled the "special features" of
the 060's IPL# pins on reset (this kind of takes away some
040 compatibility issues). I will reconnect the modification
I had earlier. Second, and it might not make much
difference, the COMBEL 4 and 8Mhz clocks are outside the PLL
on the Afterburner. I may just decide to work at 16Mhz for
now, and run the 32Mhz clock through the PLL for a sync
source and feed it back to the COMBEL.
The diagnostics performed all the test outlined in the field
service manual, except for the disk test.

Getting exciting:).

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