Re: Atari-filesystem for Linux

From: Laurent FAVARD <>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 11:44:35 +0100

Joerg Hohwiller a écrit:
> Hi there!
> I'd like to read my atari-disk with Linux (on PC). Which filesystem-type
> do I have to choose? Where do I get the drivers?

I'm afraid it is not possible, because i don't see any driver for
Atari filesystem. My Linux version is RedHat 5.1 (Kernel 2.0.35).
I know that the new kernel 2.2.? handle Amiga filesystem, but it seems
Atari isn't supported too.

perhaps i'm wrong and in this case i'll be interresting to get a Atari
driver !

Currently i use a external SCSI ZIP shared beetwen Linux/Atari, and with
cartridges VFAT formated (Zin95). It work well.

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