Re: 68060

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999 14:11:41 -0800

Hello again,

I just got off the phone with Wizztronics. I asked Steve
what the cartridge did different than when the machine boots
off TOS.

The diagnostic cart sets up its own vector tables. Just
enough to get the system up. The diagnostic initializes
vectors, sets up low level stuff, then the display.

When TOS boots, in the first few instructions, it has to
setup vector tables. It looks like this is not occurring. If
it cannot do this, a double bus error occurs. I don't see
this monitoring the bus with a volt meter, but I am not
ruling it out.
Steve also said there is an illegal instruction for the
040/060 around the sixth or seventh instruction at startup
that the AB must be taking care of somehow.

Because there is no screen display, ram is not getting
initialized, but that sounds right because it looks as
though the vectors are not initialized.

I don't know much about this. I think my hardware setup is
correct and there is a software problem. I wouldn't have any
idea how to correct this other than someone correcting it
and putting it into an eprom to try. The cartridge doesn't
have enough memory to insert a pair of 512K EPROM's, so it
would have to fit in the TOS ROM socket on a 1 meg eprom.

Steve said he will talk to the guy that had the 060 running
on the Sparrow tonight, and maybe gain a little more
insight. Of course, he said monitoring 64 channels with a
bus analyzer wouldn't hurt either;).

Anyway, i am about to close shop working on the 060. It
works on the diagnostics just as well as the 040. If anyone
comes up up with new ideas, please post them. It doesn't
take long to install the 060.

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