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Steve Cohen wrote:
> Mike
> I spoke to Joe on your behalf below is some of his comments.
> "All instructions (Listed in the 030,060) manual must be patched in the OS
> that were removed from the 060 instruction set that were in 030 mode if you
> want the 060 to function on a falcon."
> The diagnostic manually sets up many variables that the OS normally sets up
> that is why it comes up in Diagnostic mode, while Memory is only minimally
> tested in Diagnostic mode (enough to make the screen come up) if you run a
> RAM test it may indeed fail, when you initialize the Falcon normally all
> vectors are set up and if the instructions needed to do so are invalid you
> will never see a screen, so much of you dilemma may be caused by an OS
> conflict.
> IPL does not really impede the start up as much as you think, the
> Videl/Combel need certain registers to be initialized before the Falcon
> hardware can use them that is apparently not happening. Mike did you ever
> verify the 060 functionality ?
> I know that was a issue.
> I spoke to Jason (one of the Sparrow dev's) He wrote a custom ROM for the
> Sparrow that allowed the system to come up with 2 screen resolutions and no
> Sound ,DSP or Codec support. He did mention TOS 2.27 or 2.93 Factory Atari
> debug TOS may help on a sparrow not a Falcon, however he said it may be
> possible to get it to run. (This guy can make anything run)
> I'm sorry I wasn't more help, but I'll keep digging.
> Steve
> At 11:33 PM 3/3/99 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hi Steve,
> >
> >By adjusting the method the Falcon buffer mod was applied, I mangage to
> >get the IDE to test ok under the diagnostic cart with the 060 installed.
> >The SCSI and Floppy still do not test properly. Now, with the 040
> >installed, the floppy and SCSI test fine under the diagnostics.
> >
> >Something else happened tonight. With an RGB monitor attached, and no
> >diagnostic cart installed, I could see a faint flashing of the screen.
> >After a few minutes, a white screen apeard with dots on the left side
> >and colored bars in the middle. There was never any floppy seek.
> >
> >Mike
> >
> >
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