060 adapter

From: Michael Grove <mgrove_at_iwvisp.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 08:45:49 -0800

While were waiting for an 040 compatible TOS (as if you
probably don't have enough to do, Petr:), I ordered some new
hardware to accommodate the 68060 on the Afterburner.

1). 18*18 179 pin PGA socket (provides clearance between the
060 socket and the socket on the A/B.

2). 18*18 206 pin PGA socket (I actually ordered a 223 pin
so I have some contacts to pull-up/ground the required pins
on the 060).

3). An MC88LV926 Low Skew CMOS PLL 68060 Clock Driver. This
is specifically designed for the 060, providing the
necessary skew relative to CLK (2X BCLK) for proper hold
time requirements of the 060. This will eliminate the delay
that the adapter utilizes, and eliminate questions of its
proper operation (as well as eliminating the adapter itself,
I will utilize its 3.3V converter for the time being off to
the side. 3.3V can be feed into the CAP just to the left of
the CPU socket). (Digital Scope=$4999.00, PLL clock $10.00
and a little time).

4). An AMD 27C4096-120JC 256k*16 120ns 44 pin PLCC PROM. The
TMS 27PC 240-15FNL by TI is considered an obsolete part. The
data sheets between the two look identical. I was surprised
to find the TOS ROM is 4mb. I always thought it was a 1mb
chip. Either I can ship it to Petr, or if he releases his
modified O/S, I can have it burned at work.

5). Not really related, but I also purchased a 208 pin QFP
to PGA adapter. I am going to solder a Falcon COMBEL atop
this adapter, check the pin-outs, and see if Sparrow TOS can
handle the new COMBEL. I like the machine, but it has very
limited operation with the prototype COMBEL installed.

Weather is nice here (unless the wind starts to blow). Time
to take the motorcycles to the sand dunes for some weekend

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