New 68060/50 source (sales)

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 11:04:55 -0800

I found a new source for 060's. It's an Amiga dealer located

I ordered two more at $179.00 each. This was the easiest way
to confirm the proper operation of the 060. Sending it back
to Motorola was a difficult task at best. The dealer stated
they were new processors, and also said he is the only one
with new stock. Other dealers in the U.S. are selling
"pulls" from old (Amiga) accelerator cards. I should be
ready for the Milan if it ever reaches the U.S. now:).


P.S. Petr, did you get your ROM burner? I should have an
Eprom in a few days.
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