Re: New 68060/50 source (sales)

From: Michael Grove <>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 09:26:59 -0800

Hi Frank,

Surely so. I was quite surprised. Major electronic
distributors are asking over $400.00, if they can even get
them. I purchased these through a US Amiga dealer. They have
had 060 cards available for some time and probably have had
the stock for a while. With the PPC cards available for
their machines, the 060 is an expensive option that can be
replaced with the 040 for cost considerations. This dealer
was $120.00/unit lower than the first dealer. I know this
all seems wasteful (purchasing all the hardware), but it is
a lot less than paying an electronics engineer an hourly
rate to work on the problem (after first explaining what a
Falcon is, much less an Afterburner:). I set a reasonable
budget for this project. Cash wise, I am ok. Time wise I am
way over budget, but I balance that by rolling the time into
the educational time budget. I am way under there:).

Frank Naumann wrote:
> Hi Michael!
> > I ordered two more at $179.00 each. This was the easiest way
> Do you mean a full 68060 at 50 MHz? A RC with FPU?
> And only $179? Very cheap.
> Tschuess
> ...Frank
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