Mach64 card at last!

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Sun, 04 Apr 1999 18:18:01 +0900


So after owning my Nova adaptor for so long - I finally got my hands on
a Graphics Pro Turbo 2MB ISA card today - kindly posted from Singapore
by someone who had initially advertised it for sale in a 486 system.

I hear it may be VRAM (I hope!) - though neither I nor the seller know
how to tell.
P/N 102-28104-00, S/N SC 4 10 31226.
Dated 1994
ATI Spectra DAC 2146886000.
Memory is 8 chips: Toshiba TC528257J-70

I'm not sure when I will get the time to fit it.

I have kept all the old postings about possible trouble getting it to
fit the AB040 - and the auto programs to use.

What I am still not 100% clear on is the business of switching. As
I understand it - the software will switch to the mach64 port on boot...
so that if my monitor is plugged into this port in anticipation then
I won't see the old xboot and other console messages which will be
routed to the old monitor port.

Now my IDEC Visionmaster monitor actually has dual ports with an
internal auto switch... so today I picked up a HD video to BNC cable.
That should mean I can dual wire the monitor and I guess it will
automatically switch between console output and the mach64 output.
Am I right? If not - I can perhaps use the old VGA monitor from my
wife's PC with the Falc. and the BNC to Idec to use the Idec with both
the Nova and the PC (not at the same time!).

What I'm trying to avoid is planning to do the hardware switch of Geir's
as I fear it will just mean I will put off doing it to infinity.

Do the Nova drivers turn off the VIDEL?
What actually happens if I run a program which needs the Videl. e.g. -
presumably M_PLAYER.... does it turn the videl back on and all I need to
do is look at a monitor plugged into the videl?

Can I somehow use both monitors at once? - I guess that might need me to
finally install some multitasking system such as MiNT or Geneva.

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