Re: Mach64 card at last!

From: Jo Even Skarstein <>
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 14:54:22 +0200 (CEST)

On Sun, 4 Apr 1999, Oliver Skelton wrote:

> What I am still not 100% clear on is the business of switching. As
> I understand it - the software will switch to the mach64 port on boot...
> so that if my monitor is plugged into this port in anticipation then
> I won't see the old xboot and other console messages which will be
> routed to the old monitor port.

That's correct. But Petr's NOVA-aware TK/TOS will boot directly to the
graphics-card :-)

> Do the Nova drivers turn off the VIDEL?


> What actually happens if I run a program which needs the Videl. e.g. -
> presumably M_PLAYER.... does it turn the videl back on and all I need to
> do is look at a monitor plugged into the videl?

Software that use the Videl directly (Mplayer doesn't, it will happily
work with the graphics-card) does so without any problems.

> Can I somehow use both monitors at once? - I guess that might need me to
> finally install some multitasking system such as MiNT or Geneva.

Yes, you can e.g. run Apex Media or MiNT virtual consoles on the Videl
with VDI/AES running on the Nova. I used to do this (old 14" SVGA on
Videl, new 17" SVGA on NOVA) until a couple of months ago.

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