Re: Mach64 card at last!

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 14:04:26 +0900

Thanks for the info, Jo

I managed to fit the card without too much difficulty (1mm filed off the
edge that touches the AB040 heatsink, but no problems with twisting

The card itself doesn't fit nicely in the CLAB case... I have the
monitor port edge of the card protruding about 1" out of the slot.
I might be able to reduce this a bit by moving the floppy drive slightly
further forward.

I took the 12v power for the Nova from the supply to the AB040 cooling
fan rather than hunt for C110 - first question is is this sensible?

Second - should I make sure the Mach64 (Said to be Graphics Pro Turbo)
card be grounded - seeing that the metal plate with the port is not
bolted to the Falcon case.

they seem to be doing the job. (V2.66)
Also the CPX I got in the archive. TK5.07 or 5.08? is modified for Nova
(still non-serialized and now leaving VIDEL on so I can see what
I have a monitor on each port. The Mach64 port goes via 2m cable which
splits from 15-pin HD to BNC 5-way to use the alternative port on my
Idec Visionmaster.

Actually booting up with the NOVA seems a bit erratic. With no
MENU.INF I get to the menu and get as far as the desktop (b/w 640x480
vga). At least that proves I am on the right track - but often I get a
hang during boot. This happened everytime after I had saved MENU
settings (it created a single entry specifying GDOS.PRGB).. so I deleted
that file.
It also happens if I try and select a higher colour resolution: e.g.

Any hints? - otherwise I will just have another play when I get home.

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