Re: Mach64 card at last!

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 10:45:18 +0900

Thanks again Jo,

Last night I managed to get it working - it's terrific!
So fast and yet all those lovely colour pixels!

I had a couple of problems - the first got it booting by deleting
emulator.inf (IIRC)... it was hanging at the emulator stage.

The remaining problem:
Imagecopy and M_PLAYER output was garbled.
The picture was in the window and you could just about make out the
outline - but the window contents were all scambled... mixed up palette?
Or probably more than that.
ANIPLAYR was ok - at least with the default settings I use.
A quick check of the demo pictures in Kandinsky was a real pleaser - so
fast ;-)

I guess when I get home I may try 'serialized' output in the toolkit..
but perhaps you know it is something else?

I also haven't yet sussed out if it is a VRAM or DRAM card for sure. I
suspect/hope VRAM.
Somewhere I have a list of resolutions available for each... I guess the
test is just to try a VRAM only screen resolution and refresh rate.

One other thing... where do I get V2.67 from? I can only find 2.66.
I have tried the Homa website, Magnus's pages.
Also ciebv (Seems just Photoline there now)
I suspect you actually meant that 2.66 was the one to get - no?

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