SV: Mach64 card at last!

From: <>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 10:36:27 +0100

> Imagecopy and M_PLAYER output was garbled.
> The picture was in the window and you could just about make out
> outline - but the window contents were all scambled... mixed up

        The problem with Imagecopy is that it doesn't work properly in
16bit, only 15bit. It's possible that it works in 16bit if you select a
specific graphics-card and don't let it autodetect. It's been a while since
I messed around with this so I really can't remember exactly how I
configured it.

        MPlayer has a similar problem in 16 bit. Use 15bit instead.

> I guess when I get home I may try 'serialized' output in the

        You must definitely use this, otherwise you'll get lots of problems
with redraws.

> I also haven't yet sussed out if it is a VRAM or DRAM card for
sure. I

        If it's a Graphics Pro it has VRAM, if it's a Graphics Xpression it
has DRAM.

> One other thing... where do I get V2.67 from? I can only find

        IIRC somebody mailed me it. Magnus hasn't updated his pages the last
year or so (correct me if I'mm wrong).

> I suspect you actually meant that 2.66 was the one to get - no?

        Nope, I really did mean 2.67 :-) I'll mail you the binaries later
tonight if you can't find them elsewhere.

        Jo Even Skarstein
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