Re: Got too greedy... dead machine?

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 22:44:52 +0900

Hi Rich,

Nope - as I understand it there is not meant to be any jumper once the
Nova is fitted (it was working with the Nova and without any jumper a few
days ago)
(But I must remember to put the jumper back if I test without the Nova -
thanks for reminding me)

I should point out that I now realise the Nova card doesn't fit perfectly
- it is warped up a bit at the left hand edge where the connector on the
AB040 (to motherboard) plugs in and prevents it sitting low enough. Maybe
this is now preventing the Nova making good contact although the contact
was well enough to work the other day.

Richard Elwell wrote:

> > Now the machine does not boot at all.
> > Black screen, no disk activity.
> It's not something like the little jumper missing on the AB040 through
> port is it?
> Rich.

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