SV: Got too greedy... dead machine?

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Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 08:22:37 +0100

The Nemesis-manual recommends cutting a trace on the top of the PCB, but
this is very different from Geir's mod! The Nemesis-mod (which I guess
what's Oliver is referring to) separates the clock-input on the DSP from the
oscillator-socket, while Geir's mod separates two solder-pads on the

So Oliver - you have to either fix the trace you cut when installing the
Nemesis and do Geir's mod according to instructions, or feed the 50MHz clock
to the same point (IIRC either to the DSP-side of the cutted trace or
directly to the clock-input pin on the DSP) as Nemesis does.

As it is now (if I understand you correctly) you try to feed the DMA-chip
with both 32MHz and 50MHz at the same time, while the DSP don't get any
clock at all. If the DSP isn't clocked you'll get a white screen and then
the booting halts, if the DMA isn't clocked (or clocked incorrectly) the
Falcon won't boot at all.

Jo Even Skarstein

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> I don't remember seeing a trace that could be cut from the
> top for the DSP
> clock. Remember the SDMA gets a clock from the 32Mhz
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