All's well that ends well ;-)

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Tue, 4 May 99 20:19 BST


Big thanks for the guidance I received... I am now back in action with my
AB040/Nova after upping the DSP clock from the Nemesis 40mHz to 50mHz.

There were 2 problems. I chose a bad 5V supply for the new oscillator
(under load it dropped to about 1V... should have read the instructions
more carefully and located it using the ohm meter vs the 5V end of the big
cap rather than just finding a 5V point with the voltmeter).

Another problem I spotted before I fixed the first... but would have bit
me if I hadn't fixed it - a glob of solder shorting 3 pins on the videl.

One minor problem I noticed since... when typing a filename in the Selectric
file selector - if I rapidly type "DS" then I get the "D" in the filename
and Selectric pops up the box prompting "Really Force a Media Change?".
Only happens if I key them in rapidly. Haven't yet found any other bad key
combinations. Doesn't do anything odd typing the same characters into
Everest. Very odd!
Maybe it was always like this... but I didn't try to enter "DSPBENCH.3" as
a filename before. Or maybe it is connected with my use of the 5V from the
keyboard for the DSP clocking.
Anyone know what the keyboard shortcut in Seletric is supposed to be to
force a media change (I seem to have lost the docs).

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