Re: NOVA card

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 19:50:37 +0900

I got mine into the C-Lab case more or less ok. (ATI Graphics Pro Turbo
- I believe 2mb VRAM)

I did the following (similar to other reports hereabouts):

1. Initially I fitted it ontop of AB040 with the Nova adaptor card
warped because it was supported in one place by the plug into the AB040
card. Since then I reduced the degree of warp by using a wire snipper to
cut short the protruding legs from the Nova adaptor.

2. It was a tight fit against the 040 cpu heat sink. I filed about 1mm
off the edge of the Nova adaptor. Later the cpu heat sink came loose and
I found it actually could be moved slightly away from the Nova card
making for a bit more clearance. (I restuck the heat sink with heat
conducting compound and superglue.)

3. I moved the floppy drive slightly forward and filed a bit off the
ends of the Nova's ISA adaptor so it would just fit between the floppy
and the back of the case.
The mach64 card's interface protrudes about 2cm out of the back of the
C-Lab expansion slot with the 'hooked' end of the backplate at the power
cable side of the back of the Falcon - it required a bit of manipulation
to get it into place.

Still to do: I intend to make a kind of metal cage around the protuding
part of the mach64 card to act as a shield and protect the electronics
from shorting.
I also need to put a plastic spacer under the mach64 card to ensure it
doesn't short to the Falcon's shielding below it.

Tell me more about the NVDI drivers/utilities. I am using the Nova
drivers. In general everything works well except for:

24 bit colour modes don't work?
In 32bpp my icons are the wrong colour
In 800x600 resolutions I have a strip at the bottom of the screen which
seems to get filled with a copy of another part of the screen.
(I suspect maybe I need vertical dimension divisible by 16?, i.e.
I think there may be a problem switching resolutions... I have Nova
driver to interrupt within 3 seconds... so I hit the space bar, then
select the desired resolution, then use 'F'=ende and all is ok... but if
I don't select a resolution during the boot I think Nova doesn't come
into play.

I'm not using Magic (TOS 4.04 + toolkit with Xboot switching to the one
with Petr's Nova mods IIRC)
NVDI 4.11R3

Overall verdict... the Nova is brilliant - it transforms the Falcon.

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