SCC replacement

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Sat, 15 May 99 20:29 BST

Hi AB040'ers.

After re-reading the HSMODEM docs I am wondering whether it is worth
getting the reduced cpu loading promised by replacing the SCC with an
ESCC. (Now we run CAB while we download I guess any more cpu is more
useful than it was in the days of vanilla zmodem downloads).

I believe I have located the SCC under the powersupply.
a 44pin PLCC marked U13 AM85C30-10JC soldered to the motherboard.
(i.e. 10mHz AMD enhanced serial communication controller)

HSMODEM docs suggest replacement with a pin compatible Zilog Z85230 or

I don't find either of these in the quick web search I made. I did find a
Zilog and a Am85C30. Their descriptions sound similar (ESCC, 2 channel)...
but I don't know if they are pin compatible. Also, although made in 8, 10,
and 16mHz versions... for the AMD chip I researched the retailer only
stocks it in the 8mHz PLCC package or 16mHz DIL (which I don't want).

Has anyone here tried this upgrade?
Know of compatible chips?
Know what clock speed is required?

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