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From: Michael Grove <mgrove_at_iwvisp.com>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 17:51:42 -0800

I finally drug my Falcon/Afterburner into work and put a scope on
several areas I thought were problems.

I was going on about the MI (memory inhibit pin) not being present on
the 060 causing problems by having to tie the signal high on the A/B

I ran the 040 for quite a while, mainly looking at bus operations, from
TOS and the diagnostic cart. Now, I believe that the MI pin is not the
problem. TA and TS look the same if MI is tied high on the 060 as they
do with the 040 controlling the MI status and transfers. The CPU is
running, there is no double bus error, and everything looks as it
should according to the field service manual and the 040 users manual.
What I noticed on the scope is the CPU sits there and cycles when
power is applied. Like Doug and Petr said, there is some incompatible
code at the beginning of the rom that could be causing the problem.
Eventually, the machine will display a trashed screen.

Failing to get my hands on a 040/060 friendly TOS 4.04 version, I need
to know if the ROM image the A/B Tool Kit patches in memory would make
a good image to copy and blow into an eprom? I have one ROM to try this
on, and it wasn't easy to get because of minimum orders and such. I
know Petr is working on his version, but i would really like to get this
060 question out of the way once and for all. Ideally, I would like to
boot to some sort of promp and at least have disk access where I can
run an autofolder I choose, if this is possible. My Sparrow boots
something like this. To bad the cart port can't hold the Sparrow

I would be greatful for step by step instructions, patches to use, and
the address on the ROM where the image file goes. Remember, I don't
know much about programing, only where to drop solder beads.....


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