Re: 2nd question: CD writing

From: Ronald J. Hall <>
Date: 6 Jul 99 03:46:35 +0000

On 5 Jul 99 21:04:00 +0000, Richard Elwell wrote:

->Hi all (again),
  Hi. :-)

->It looks like I could be splashing out soon and going for a CD writer
->along with the Eclipse, a bigger harddrive may be necessary too :-)

  Fun never stops, does it? Amazing for a "dead" platform!

->I use FreeMiNT and have VFAT partitions. I would like to use
->something like CD Backup to... well backup part of my harddrive. So
->the questions are these:

  Hmm. You are talking about Anodyne Software's ExtenDOS series and/or
  CDWriter/Backup, right?

->* Is CD Backup only capable of using SCSI CD writers or are IDE ones
->possible as well?

  I'm really not sure about this, but I'm thinking SCSI only ATM...

->* Would VFAT partitions written to a CD be readable on a Win9x/NT PC?

  I couldn't get CDWriter/CDBackup to find my Minix partition, wasn't
  running any vfats at the time to try it. However, it is not fully
  ISSO9660 compatible yet. I can read them on my Falcon after burning
  them, but the Windows NT machine at work could not. I think Roger
  Burrows is going to add full compatibility soon though.

->* Is CD Backup happy with the Afterburner and MiNT?

  Okay, I have a 14 meg, Nemesized Falcon, running MiNT/Naes/Thing.
  All the Anodyne software runs fine, but...when I tried to backup
  to CDR, it always said that it failed. (it does a simulation
  first to let you know if it is gonna work or not). This was at
  4x and 2x (I never tried 1x). There is a note in the manual that
  warns that under multitasking OS's you must turn off as many
  background processes as possible. Now, from single-TOS, I was
  able to burn up to 4x CDR's with no problems at all. Nice
  and safe backups, finally! ;-)

->Any info is much appreciated.

  Hope this helps some... ;-)

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