Re: First question: Eclipse

From: Richard Elwell <>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 13:45:47 +0100

This is me reposting a message that got lost yesterday.

I think a blank version got through at some point somehow. If the
copies I sent get through apologies for the repetition.

> Thanks for all the info Johan.
> I suppose what I was after was someone saying it is very good and
> well worth the moment.
> My Falcon is not heavily used, it mainly deals with email and
> newsgroups clients and occassional web-browsing. Here at work I
> have a PC with a 1280x1024x16bit desktop which is great and I would
> really like to push my Falcon above it's current 800x600x4bit. I know the
> Falcon will go higher but the performance suffers so much.
> If the Eclipse will easily allow me a 1024x768x16bit desktop with
> suffering much of a performance hit then I want one. As a matter of
> interest I presume the normal Falcon video still operates so I suppose it
> would be best to drop it to something really small, say 640x400x1bit, to
> get the maximum performance out of the whole machine. Is that right?
> My Falcon is an AB040, FreeMiNT, N.AES, Thing, NVDI4.11 powered
> machine. My most used apps are aMail (for email) and Oasis2 (for
> news), and CAB2 for browsing. For the internet link I use Sting. Other
> apps include GEMView and ApexMedia.
> Rich.
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