Re: First question: Eclipse

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 15:14:57 +0200


> > If the Eclipse will easily allow me a 1024x768x16bit desktop with
> > suffering much of a performance hit then I want one. As a matter of
> > interest I presume the normal Falcon video still operates so I suppose it
> > would be best to drop it to something really small, say 640x400x1bit, to
> > get the maximum performance out of the whole machine. Is that right?

The best idea would to shut off the Videl all together. You can do this with
the Nova so you should do the same on the Eclipse.

You can easily run in 1024x768x16 bit or even higher. The resolution doesn't
realy matter. 640x480 would theoreticly be as fast as 1600x1200 on a GFX card,
so the limit is usually set by the monitor you use. You will _not_ get
disappointed. Trust me (I have a Nova so I know). :-)
> > My Falcon is an AB040, FreeMiNT, N.AES, Thing, NVDI4.11 powered
> > machine. My most used apps are aMail (for email) and Oasis2 (for
> > news), and CAB2 for browsing. For the internet link I use Sting. Other
> > apps include GEMView and ApexMedia.

All those should work without problems except ApexMedia. :-\ But you can
still use ApexMedia as you can switch back to your old monitor. That
works on all programs which doesn't use the VDI and they are rather few
I must say. ApexMedia is one games are usually another. If you do use these
kind of programs rather often I would recommend that you get your self some
kind of monitor switch.

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