Re: First question: Eclipse

From: Richard Elwell <>
Date: 6 Jul 99 19:47:43 +0000

I tried to send this earlier from work but I don't think it made it
out of the building. If it finally does get out then please forgive
the repetition.

Thanks for all the info Johan.

I suppose what I was after was someone saying it is very good and
well worth the moment.

My Falcon is not heavily used, it mainly deals with email and
newsgroups clients and occassional web-browsing. Here at work I
have a PC with a 1280x1024x16bit desktop which is great and I would
really like to push my Falcon above it's current 800x600x4bit. I know
the Falcon will go higher but the performance suffers so much.

If the Eclipse will easily allow me a 1024x768x16bit desktop with
suffering much of a performance hit then I want one. As a matter of
interest I presume the normal Falcon video still operates so I suppose it
would be best to drop it to something really small, say 640x400x1bit, to
get the maximum performance out of the whole machine. Is that right?

My Falcon is an AB040, FreeMiNT, N.AES, Thing, NVDI4.11 powered
machine. My most used apps are aMail (for email) and Oasis2 (for
news), and CAB2 for browsing. For the internet link I use Sting. Other
apps include GEMView and ApexMedia.

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