Re: 2nd question: CD writing

From: Richard Elwell <>
Date: 6 Jul 99 20:24:02 +0000

Ronald J. Hall wrote:

> Fun never stops, does it? Amazing for a "dead" platform!

A PC is always an alternative but I just don't want one.

> Hmm. You are talking about Anodyne Software's ExtenDOS series and/or
> CDWriter/Backup, right?

I was talking about CDWriter/BackUp, but I would probably get ExtenDOS
as well. I suppose CDRecorder would be the best choice but it is very
expensive. Basically I would like a CD drive for my Falcon so I might
as well buy a writer and some software for backing-up purposes.

> ->* Is CD Backup only capable of using SCSI CD writers or are IDE ones
> ->possible as well?
> I'm really not sure about this, but I'm thinking SCSI only ATM...

I thought that was the case but I had to ask just in case. The IDE
drives are cheaper and SCSI and the AB/Falcon often best left alone.

> ->* Is CD Backup happy with the Afterburner and MiNT?
> Okay, I have a 14 meg, Nemesized Falcon, running MiNT/Naes/Thing.
> All the Anodyne software runs fine, but...when I tried to backup
> to CDR, it always said that it failed.

So CDBackUp doesn't work for you under MiNT? I would rather not have
to use TOS to run the backup because it would lose the VFAT names.
Though with the new, big harddrive I mentioned I would go for FAT32.
VFAT was just used on my current HD because it was so easy to setup
and meant I didn't have to change anything to get long names.

> Hope this helps some... ;-)

Yep sure does. Thanks Ronald.

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