060 (again)

From: Mikey <mgrove_at_iwvisp.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 21:26:30 -0800

When I last reported on adapting an 060 to my A/B, I noted that I had
burned a trace and possibly damaged the 040 to 060 socket adapter. At
that time the 060 quite working under the diagnostic cartridge. I had
however found a way to emulate the MI signal the 040 generates, and
that is used by the A/B for bus transfer timing.

I repaired the trace (and noted how I managed to fry it), and
installed a new 040 to 060 socket. I am happy to say the 060 is now
working under the diagnostic cartridge again. I will have to reinstall
the emulator circuit I made to be sure that it solves the timing problem
I had. I am quite sure it will as I managed to run A/B with the
emulated MI signal and the 040 installed.

All that remains is to obtain an 040/060 friendly TOS image to burn in
the EPROM I have for the Falcon. I havent seen anything posted from
Petr lately saying anything about the TOS image he is working on.

Are you still out there Petr?:).

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