Re: Linux kernel

From: Oliver Skelton <>
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 1999 13:45:41 +0900

Hi Michael.

I think I have an old version from Petr's page... I'll try and have a look
when I get home.
(One of the many things I download and then don't get around to installing).

Actually I am just in the process of getting MiNT setup on my Ab040/Nova. One
problem is sorting through the multiple versions and text files I have
accumulated over the years ... maybe it is better to declare 'year zero' and
just get a new download and start from scratch.

The other thing I dream of creating (I won't do it - now way do I have the
time, nor the knowledge)... is some web pages which summarise the software
upgrade options and advantages and disadvantages:
e.g. making clear the distinction between multitasking GEM, getting unix like
facilities etc.
Linux vs MiNT
NAES vs AES vs the others.
What file systems are available and what you need to get them.
(minix, ext2, vfat?... what they are, and whether existing disk recovery tools
will still work on them - I guess mostly not.)
Whether I can keep STING or should be looking at MiNTnet or something else.
Which file selector to go for (I downgraded back to Selectric some time ago
from Freedom.. probably when I got the AB040... but I don't remember why... or
which version of Freedom to try and re-install)

(At least I think I have found the AES4.1 GEM.SYS at a Polish site...
something I had wanted for some time)

The current plan is to try and upgrade step by step. First MiNT kernal, then
multitasking GEM (I have got that far but have problems with some programs...
like Mymail which suffers very sluggish keyboard and mouse response).
Next is install AES4.1, then a Freedom re-install, create minix partition,
perhaps finally get a unix like setup. (Michael White) wrote:

> >> I'm trying to install Linux, but I can't find an
> >> Atari 68040 kernel binary (the one at Petr's page seems
> >> to have disappeared).
> >
> >I have prepared several new kernels (2.1.120 with Mach64 HW support) but I
> >haven't uploaded them yet. So busy..........
> I read on your web page about your house. Congratulations :).
> Anyone else out there even have an old copy? BTW, I take it by supporting
> Mach 64, that means the Nova card, right?
> Thanks!

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