Re: Linux kernel

From: Michael White <>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 21:16:28 -0500 (CDT)

>Hi Michael,
>I am attaching the most recent one I got from Petr's page.
>It doesn't seem long ago - but time flies!
>Please let me know if you want ATABOOT3 as well.


   Thanks for the file. It seems to crash after it gets started
with an illegal instruction exception. This is just as it's
starting to check the partitions. Here's my setup:

- Place all files from you into a directory. I noticed that TOS managed
  to truncate names. Don't know how/if this will affect anything.
  Kernel version was 2.185, right?
- Copy in ataboot.ttp (3.1) and/or bootstra.ttp from latest Debian
  into that same directory. Both seem to work about the same.
- Re-boot with TK507, XBOOT, and XCONTROL only
- From TOS partition, lauch ataboot.ttp (3.1) or bootstra.ttp
- Seems to boot kernel OK
- Network stuff seems to be set up OK, as does fd0.
- Crash with illegal instruction excetpion. Latest printout is
  that it was checking out hda.

If you (or anyone) needs to see the stack/register dump, I can
hand-copy it in.


Michael White (
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