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Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 08:51:13 +0100

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> It turns out that the version of N.AES I have here is _very_ old.
> It's v1.1.0 from some time in '96.
It's still pretty good.

> Anyway, this seems to work just fine together with Thing v0.59 (yes, I
> know
> that's old too ;-) under 1024x768x16_at_75 on my Eclipse.
> (I forgot to check my kernel version, but it's reasonably recent.)
How do you start fVDI? I tried both boot-starting (with and without NVDI)
and starting from the desktop (with NVDI ofcourse), but I got bus-errors
every time.

I also had problems in TOS, e.g. the round radiobuttons in TK-config was
rather ugly... I also had a peculiar with the desktop: If I moved a window a
bit to the right, it was blitted *very* slowly. It took around 10 seconds to
blit the entire window...

However, I'm waiting for my Eclipse and your latest release to arrive, so I
haven't bothered too much with fVDI lately.

> What version (and date) of fVDI did you test with?
0.94-something, I can't remember the date but I downloaded it around 20/7.

Jo Even Skarstein
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