Re: Linux kernel

From: Johan Klockars <>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 12:27:12 +0200 (MET DST)

> How do you start fVDI? I tried both boot-starting (with and without NVDI)

In this case it was auto-booting without NVDI. Starting it from the desktop
is not really a very good idea when using the Eclipse, since the AES can
get rather confused (at the very least you'll only get a 'window' the size
of your previous screen and the number of available colours won't increase.

> and starting from the desktop (with NVDI ofcourse), but I got bus-errors

You're likely to get bus errors if you use an engine and a device driver
that aren't supposed to work together. The interface is still somewhat in flux.

> I also had problems in TOS, e.g. the round radiobuttons in TK-config was

You mean fVDI got up and running despite the bus errors?

> rather ugly... I also had a peculiar with the desktop: If I moved a window a

Ugly how?
The latest releases (don't recall for how long) can do circles, ellipses and
pies, but some programs may do their radio buttons in ways that fVDI doesn't
like very much yet (IIRC, GEMBench has some in its lower right corner that
come out all black with the current version (they've been visible before...)).

> bit to the right, it was blitted *very* slowly. It took around 10 seconds to
> blit the entire window...

Hmm. I've not tested the bitplane drivers much for a while (they actually
haven't been updated for the last few engine releases), but this used
to work fine. The code for those right-move blits is definitely in there.

What mode were you running in?

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