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Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 13:18:04 +0100

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> In this case it was auto-booting without NVDI. Starting it from the
> desktop
> is not really a very good idea when using the Eclipse, since the AES can
> get rather confused (at the very least you'll only get a 'window' the size
> of your previous screen and the number of available colours won't
> increase.
Well, this was in 4-bit Videl-mode, so I assumed it would work fine.

> > and starting from the desktop (with NVDI ofcourse), but I got bus-errors
> You're likely to get bus errors if you use an engine and a device driver
> that aren't supposed to work together. The interface is still somewhat in
> flux.
This was the 0.94b-archive from July.

> > I also had problems in TOS, e.g. the round radiobuttons in TK-config was
> You mean fVDI got up and running despite the bus errors?
The bus errors only occured when running MiNT/N.AES.

> Hmm. I've not tested the bitplane drivers much for a while (they actually
> haven't been updated for the last few engine releases), but this used
> to work fine. The code for those right-move blits is definitely in there.
> What mode were you running in?
Videl 4-bit, 640x480, no NVDI, TK 5.09, shadow-buffer on. I have not tried
it on my Nova yet, I assume that the current RAGE.SYS won't work on anything
else than a Eclipse/RageII?

Jo Even Skarstein
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