Re: Linux kernel

From: Johan Klockars <>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 16:47:30 +0200 (MET DST)

> Well, this was in 4-bit Videl-mode, so I assumed it would work fine.

It was supposed to, but apparently I forgot to update the bitplane drivers
all the way...
All version newer than v0.85 _are_ after all betas. ;-)
(If only people let me know about these bugs they would be fixed much sooner.)

> The bus errors only occured when running MiNT/N.AES.

I just tried a new version of the 4 bit driver with MiNT/N.AES and there
were no bus errors. It looked like some kind of offset had been added to
the screen address after fVDI was started (fVDI currently only checks the
screen address and size once), though, which might cause other problems than
the strange looking display I got.

> > Hmm. I've not tested the bitplane drivers much for a while (they actually

It seems I should have.
I've changed the calling conventions somewhat lately...

There was a very simple fix for your 'move right' problem (and very likely
other problems to):
   moveq #1,d0
(Before quite a few 'rts'.)

I'll upload a new archive tonight.

> Videl 4-bit, 640x480, no NVDI, TK 5.09, shadow-buffer on. I have not tried
> it on my Nova yet, I assume that the current RAGE.SYS won't work on anything
> else than a Eclipse/RageII?

That's right. I might be able to dig up an old NOVA capable version, but
things have changed so much since then that I don't think it would be
worth the trouble.

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