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Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 11:40:57 +0100

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> For fVDI to set up the NOVA itself, we'd probably have to borrow code from
> the X drivers. Much of the setup code could of course be the same for both
> cards, but memory/fifo timings and PLLs are very different (and next to
> impossible to figure out even with the docs (for the strangest parts we
> actually use numbers dumped from a PC ;-)).
> > Mach64-API is different from my old Graphics Xpression.
> No, it shouldn't differ. There are a couple of new things on the RageII,
> but I don't think we use any of them yet.
It would be cool to have a proper driver for Novas as well, especially since
Nova-VDI apparently isn't supported anymore. I will put my Nova in the
drawer when I get the Eclipse (can you imagine my disappointment everytime I
check my mailbox and *still* can't see any parcels from Cortex?), but it
will probably find it's way back to my Afterburner-Falcon once Tempest is
shipped and I assemble that second Falcon :-)

Jo Even Skarstein

Btw. I will download the updated bitplane-driver tonight and see if it works
on my system.
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