Re: Linux kernel

From: Magnus Kollberg <>
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 13:08:33 +0200


> > I also had problems in TOS, e.g. the round radiobuttons in TK-config was
> You mean fVDI got up and running despite the bus errors?
> > rather ugly... I also had a peculiar with the desktop: If I moved a window a
> Ugly how?
> The latest releases (don't recall for how long) can do circles, ellipses and
> pies, but some programs may do their radio buttons in ways that fVDI doesn't
> like very much yet (IIRC, GEMBench has some in its lower right corner that
> come out all black with the current version (they've been visible before...)).

Well I did the TK config tool so I should know how the buttons were done. I only
uses regular VDI primitives to draw them. I do know that they do look different
under VDI and NVDI as it looks like they draw circles/arcs differently. Maybe fVDI
draws them like the original VDI and not like NVDI?

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